Ahmed Mohammed Al Mallouhi

Being the owner of a private company with a number of expatriate employees, I had been observing the problems faced by the expatriate community. Unsatisfactory education that was being offered by the community schools here in Riyadh had become a real dilemma for them. These more than one hundred employees were quite discontented over the quality of education lacked in professionalism, skills, expertise and pragmatic approach towards teaching and learning.

Keeping the very dilemma in view, I took the initiative to communicate the problems with educationists and professionals. The foundation of JARIS was laid under the deliberate supervision of skilled, highly qualified and expert management. Near perfect standards of education that were most compatible with the ones in the home countries of expats were drawn. Examination system, best suiting to their needs was adopted. This thoughtful planning and strategic implementation years after years carry the secret of JARIS’ success.

Shades of fulfillment on the faces of our alumnae, satisfaction among the parents, excitement among the students and the spirit to excel among the team are the key elements that have always been encouraging me to put more efforts for the best benefit of the students in my school.

I appreciate continuous efforts put by my skilled and efficient management, loyalty and toil of the staff and extended trust of the parents’ community. The very elements have paved the way towards JARIS’s success. I hereby promise to keep patronizing every step that may lead the school towards educational advancement. The school has taken a head start towards modern adaptation and will keep on moving that way until it reaches the pinnacle of excellence in education.



Welcomes students for the new academic year 2021-2022

We are pleased to inform you that Second Jawahir Al Riyadh Girls Section is a licensed High School American Section. We are now accepting students for Grade 10 & 11 for the academic session 2021-2022. Please contact our admissions office for more details. Please go to the following link to access the UNIFORM details for KG/Elementary/Middle and High School Girls KG/ELEMENTARY/MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS Please go to the following link to access the UNIFORM details for Elementary/Middle and High School Boys ELEMENTARY/MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL BOYS

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