Lower Kindergarten

Lower Kindergarten (LKG) classrooms are also especially designed for age 4 group. LKG class teachers are professional, highly trained and specialized for teaching kindergarten courses prepared for this age group. High quality early age teaching program helps children to think creatively so they may succeed in this complex and advancing world. Learning environment supports the development of free thinking and a place where children can let their imagination roam while feeling reassured and protected. The philosophy of teaching kinders (LKG) is to keep the curriculum simple and at the same time develop strong basics. The LKG English program takes Nursery students to one step advance level as they become familiar with routine words of daily usage. They start conversing with the teachers and multi-national fellows in English language. Most of the following listed are LKG skills and a few are straight up for Scope and Sequences later.

English and Mathematics

Name letters of the alphabet Phonics and blending of each letter
Practice and write name Counting 20-50 objects
Oral drill and write 1-50 and preferably up to 100 Write phone number
Write upper and lowercase alphabets Recognize and name sight words
Name punctuation

Arabic and Islamic Studies

Recognize and read Arabic alphabet Simple supplications

General Knowledge

The children are groomed to respect and be respected and valued and are also expected to be involved with both the school and the classroom. They are taught about self-care, cultural values, and socialize.

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As we are waiting for the Ministry of Education, for giving us the final verdict about the examination 2019-2020. We should be ready for immediate action for closing the year. We need to make sure that all the parents pay the fee for this year 2019-2020, and for this purpose, the main office will be open from 9 am to 1 pm. Your support in implementing this management directive will be highly appreciated.
In case you want to Pay online here are the details.
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