Montessori 3

The Montessori prepared environment is designed to help the child in learning language at his own rhythm. The materials help the child develop an expression of organization and classification and the development of thought.

Montessori-3 level classrooms are especially designed for age 5 group. Children joining Montessori-3 have already been through Montessori-1 and Montessori-2 and are ready to receive new dimensions of education.

The children coming from lower grades who are below the average level are being helped and assisted by Montessori teachers. Generally the age of the children joining Montessori -3 is 5-6 years. This is the age, when child has a conscious mind and the child can touch and see materials.


Learning blending sounds, words and sentence making.


Learning numbers, numbers name, addition and subtraction.

Cultural subjects

Parts of the plant, jigsaw puzzles, Land and water moulds.

The presently followed method of teaching for Montessori guarantees the above skills are covered at the end of the academic year.
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As we are waiting for the Ministry of Education, for giving us the final verdict about the examination 2019-2020. We should be ready for immediate action for closing the year. We need to make sure that all the parents pay the fee for this year 2019-2020, and for this purpose, the main office will be open from 9 am to 1 pm. Your support in implementing this management directive will be highly appreciated.
In case you want to Pay online here are the details.
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