Staff Contact Details

Home Designation Phone Ext Email
Mr. Ahmed Al Malouhi Director 4785300, 4750484, 4750417 221
Mr. Mohammed Al Malouhi Principal (2nd Jawahir) 4794539 101
Mr. Syed Muhammad Ibrahim Head Principal 4785300, 4750484, 4750417 240
Dr. Abdullah Abdul Mutlib Accounts Manager 0503188862, 920002951 240
Mr. Liaqat Ali Khan Vice Principal American Section Boys 2767377, 4794539 103
Mr. Aftab Ahmad Vice Principal Senior British/Pakistani Section Boys 4785300, 4750484, 4750417 250
Mr. Zahid Faraz Vice Principal Junior British/Pakistani Section Boys 0505476585
Mrs. Amal Sudais Mohammed Al-Sudais Principal Girls Section 920002951 504
Mrs. Najma Saqib Shah Vice Principal British Section Senior Girls 920002951 500
Mrs. Shakeela Abbas Vice Principal Pakistani Section Senior Girls 920002951 404
Mrs. Rafia Faisal Vice Principal British Section Junior Girls 920002951 302
Mrs .Tasneem Hafeez Vice Principal (Kindergarten British/ Pakistani Sections) 920002951 147
Mrs. Maram Mohammed Al-Hamza Principal 920002951 201
Mrs. Sadaf Khushnood Mirza Incharge, CD & AF 920002951 401
Mr.Adeel Khaliq Head of Computer Department
Mr.Adnan Saeed Maths Teacher
MR. Alhassan Abdul Rafiiu English Teacher
MR. Altaf Hussain Maths Teacher
MR. Habib Ur Rehman Maths Teacher
MR. Haifz Shaikrao/td>

Biology Teacher
MR. Issah Osman Seekey Islamic Studies Teacher
MR. Jamal Abdukari Maths Teacher
MR. Javaid Iqbal English Teacher
MR. Javaid HUssain/td>

English Teacher
MR. Mashkoor Hussain Chemistry Teacher
MR. Muhammad Iqbal Chemistry Teacher
MR. Muhammad Naeem Uddin Physics Teacher
MR. Muhammad Sajjad Physics Teacher
MR. Muhammad Waseem Akhter Computer Teacher
MR. Muhammad Zeeshan Physics Teacher
MR. Nayyar Abbas Biology Teacher
MR. Qaiser Pervez Chemistry Teacher
MR. Rana Arif Shakoor Physics Teacher
MR. Sdick Mahe Social Studies Teacher
MR. Saif Ullah English Teacher
MR. Sajjad Tariq Chemistry Teacher
MR. Sher Bahadar Urdu Teacher
MR. Saqib Javed Head of Biology
MR. Zabeh Ullah Arabic Teacher
MR. Zain Ul Abdin Computer Teacher
MR. Ahmed Abdullah Physical Education Teacher
MR. Nazakat Admin Staff
MR. Zain Fiaz Office Staff
MR. Abdid Hussain Lab Assistant
Mr. Akhter Ali Computer Teacher
Mr. Alnazeer Osman Socail Studies Teacher
Mr. Asim Alyas Maths Teacher
Mr. Hanif Ullah Khan Islamic Studies Teacher
Mr. Ijaz Ahmed Socail Studies Teacher
Mr. Imran Abdul Razzaq English Teacher
Mr. Israr Hussain computer Teacher
Mr. Maruf Abdullah English Teacher
Mr. Mohammed Maher Arabic Teacher
Mr. Muhammad Asghar Urdu Teacher
Mr. Muhammad Azeem Maths Teacher
Mr. Muhammad Faizan Mahts Teacher
Mr. Muhammad Imran English Teacher
Mr. Muhammad Shoaib Islamic Studies Teacher
Mr. Reda Metwally French Teacher
Mr. Rizwan Abbasi Science Teacher
Mr. Wasim Abbas Science Teacher
Mr. Wasim Ahmed Science Teacher
Mr. Sohail Muran Physical Education Teacher
Mr. Abdul Majed Maths Teacher
Mr. Abdul Samad Tahiru Computer Teacher
Mr. Al Hassan Mohammed Kamil English Teacher
Mr. Fakhare Alam Lab Admin/td>
Mr. Fahrudeen Mohammed Saani English Teacher
Mr. HOsni Mohammad French Teacher
Mr. Ikram Ullah Computer Teacher
Mr. Irfan Uddin Science Teacher
Mr. Jamshed Khan Science Teacher
Mr. Kamran Ahmed Mushtaq Ahmed English Teacher
Mr. Kamran Ahmed Noor Hussain Maths Teacher
Mr. Latif Ur Rahman Science Teacher
Mr. Majid Ali English Teacher
Mr. Mati Ullah Arabic Teacher
Mr. Muhammad Essa Maths Teacher
Mr. Muhammad Fehmi Arabic Teacher
Mr. Muhammad Naeem Islamic Studies Teacher
Mr. Muhammad Naseem Science Teacher
Mr. Muhammad Shoaib Maths Teacher
Mr. Najeeb Ullah English Teacher
Mr. Qiaser Rasoom Biology Teacher
Mr. Rafiq Ullah Science Teacher
Mr. Seraj Ali Maths Teacher
Mr. Shahin Hossain Admin Staff
Mr. Sultani Rome English Teacher
Mr. Syed Imran English Teacher
Mr. Tilla Muhammad Science Teacher
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As we are waiting for the Ministry of Education, for giving us the final verdict about the examination 2019-2020. We should be ready for immediate action for closing the year. We need to make sure that all the parents pay the fee for this year 2019-2020, and for this purpose, the main office will be open from 9 am to 1 pm. Your support in implementing this management directive will be highly appreciated.
In case you want to Pay online here are the details.
IBAN: SA7480000260608010214448
A/C NO: 260608010214448
Please send the transfer information: the amount, the name of the student and the student code via Whatsapp number: 0503188862
Thanks for your cooperation.

Thanks and regards

JARIS Management