Admissions Procedure and Criteria

The school registers interested candidates online via link Online Admission. After clicking registration /admission icon and providing information by the parents, the admin office follows-up using the ID number already allotted to the candidates through SMS.

New openings to all grades are announced every academic year prior to school closure for summer vacation. However, the Principal may consider granting admissions on reserved seats to those deserving students who will be joining from abroad any time of the year provided Ministry of Education (Department of Foreign and National Education) approves such admission.

Admissions are offered to everyone on first-come-first-serve basis irrespective of the nationality, color, caste, creed, race, origin and social status. The entrance test is mandatory whereas interview is aimed at assessing the general intelligence and behavior. Core subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, Arabic/Urdu and part of General Knowledge are included for assessment and admission. After passing the assessment/evaluation the admission will be offered provisionally by issuing the folder to the qualifying students. Some specimen of the assesment of core subjects have been uploaded on our website for parents/students review in order to prepare for entry test. The school uses entry test (assessment) as a main tool for admission, however, there is still room for talented students to convince the school leaders about their potential. They can either present their past records or provide enough evidence to justify their unsatisfactory performance in entry test. However, the concerned vice principal may form a committee to decide such cases.

Admission will be considered final once the following documentations are presented:

  • A Completed Admission Form
  • Mother’s & Father’s valid Passport (copy)
  • Student’s valid Passport (copy)
  • Mother’s & Father’s valid Iqama (copy)
  • Student’s valid Iqama (copy). (Present original for verification)
  • Copy of Birth Certificate. (Present original for verification)

  • Copy of the vaccination Certificate. (Present original for verification)
  • An owing letter from the sponsor
  • A Statement from the Guardian mentioning Reasons for Admission in the School
  • Five copies of the very recent color photographs
  • Residence Map. (Location)
  • School Leaving Certificate & All Previous years Progress Reports (Results Cards) starting grade I(one) from the previous School & duly attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Saudi Embassy if the student is coming from abroad

Students coming from other schools in Riyadh

Students coming from other cities of the Kingdom

Complete File Containing

  • Clearance certificate from the previous school
  • Original approval of the Ministry of Education
  • Complete set of all previous progress reports, starting Grade I (one)
  • The evidence of “NOOR” program entries

Complete File Containing

  • Complete set of progress reports starting from Grade I (one)
  • At least two latest progress reports (if not all) certified from the concerned Department of Education
  • The evidence of “NOOR” program entries

Admissions in the Kindergarten Section

As Jawahir Al-Riyadh International School pursues on International Curriculum, we prefer and encourage parents to enroll students at an early age. Our system of education requires at 3 years pre-schooling in order for students to be adequately fluent in English language prior to promoting to grade I (one). The parents interested to admit their children in Nursery or Montessori grades need to bring their children directly for interview and physical assessment at the time of admission along with the copies of birth certificate (in order to verify the date of birth) and vaccination card. There will be oral and written assessment for the lower kindergarten (KG-I) and Upper Kindergarten (KG-II). In all cases the following age criteria will be strictly adhered to:
Nursery/Montessori-I 3 years
Lower Kindergarten (LKG) 4 years
Upper Kindergarten (UKG) 5 years

A screening interview with the Principal, (if needed) will be conducted by the Principal himself and his decision will be final.

JARIS cannot guarantee the admission if the documents mentioned above are not presented


SR 11,000/- + 1650/- VAT TOTAL SR 12,650/- SR 12,000/- + 1800/- VAT TOTAL SR 13,800/- SR 14,000/- + 2100/- VAT TOTAL SR 16,100/- SR 16,000/- + 2400/- VAT TOTAL SR 18,400/-


JARIS reserves the right to deny enrolments to any applicants at any time during the process in case there are reasons to believe that enrolment would not be in the best interest of the applicant or the school. As soon as the above documents are received along the prescribed fee, JARIS will take up the matter with the concerned authorities in the Education Department,( Ministry of Education) and in case the admission is not approved, JARIS will not be obligated to grant the admission and in this case the fee will be refunded.



Welcomes students for the new academic year 2022-2023

As the JARIS Management, it is our pleasure to welcome everyone back for another great year in JARIS. We are all excited to have students back to the classroom and hallways filling them with energy and enthusiasm for learning. It is our mission to help every child feel welcomed, connected and a part of the JARIS family. Additionally, we strive to lend an opportunity to each student to grow in his or her academic abilities. Our great teachers utilize research-based practices and analyze academic data to determine current skill levels and to set goals for growth and improvement. Education is a partnership between the school, students and parents/ guardians. Students are more successful when we work as a team to achieve educational goals.
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