February 8, 2017
Computer Camp
February 9, 2017

Meena Bazar

A meena bazar is a very interesting and colourful function. It is held every year in our school. The headmistress, the staff and the pupils work together in this function. A few days ago, a meena bazar was held in our school. It was held to collect money for the Red Crescent Society. The whole show was managed by us under the supervision of our teachers. The girls of class Ten had prepared chat, pakoras, kababas and other kinds of refreshment. They set up their stalls and sold these things to the visitors who were all women. Fruit chat, shami kababas and chicken-sticks were in great demand. Our teachers too had their own stalls where they sold bangles, handkerchiefs, hair pins and many other things. It was a great fun. The girl customers tried little tricks with the stall-holders. The stall holders kept an eye on the naughty customers. All the things were sold out in a short time. There was a very interesting variety show in the afternoon. One of our teachers juggled with seven balls without dropping a single one. Four small girls presented a play which was liked by all the visitors. In the end our headmistress thanked the visitors and disturbed the prizes among participants.