Educator’s Message

I am very much delighted to write about my school whose mission is very much close to my idea of an educational organization providing quality education at affordable cost. I joined Jawahir AL Riyadh International school and started teaching Biology and Chemistry to higher grades (SSC, HSSC of FBISE discipline) and O/A Level students and preparing them for the University of Cambridge Examination since 1999-2000. But very soon I realized that teaching is not my only target and I started working with the school management objectives and planning. Looking to my genuine enthusiasm towards the decision making process, I was encouraged by my leaders to share my ideas in upgrading facilities as well as arranging programs for teacher training and development in the use of technology to enhance learning. I started helping my leaders and management to develop learning strategies. While doing so I realized that school management is a special field which needs my expertise to be refined. In the year 2003 I was given the position of Assistant Principal and have been heading the boys section of the school. In addition to routine duties I was given the responsibility to prepare yearly plan for the academic year in advance, supervising lesson planning, and guiding the teaching staff how to manipulate the lessons and implement these lessons in professional manners. Moreover, providing the guidelines on the curriculum section, eliminating the breach between the administration and teachers, assessing the students’ work and keeping the record of their development, progress and achievements more congenial; Imparting lectures at different levels, by refreshing the relevant experiences and improving the skills of cluster teaching, helping the students in their oral and written assessment reports and references with a view to seek developments in academic pursuits. I was also asked to design a complete program for students’ involvement on each aspect of school. Meanwhile, I decided to go for further studies in the field of school management and educational planning and earned four years Diploma in education, in the year 2009- 2013.

After celebrating 25 years of delivering trusted education, Shifting Students from “what has to be done” to how learning takes shape, we are a legitimate and credible organization from the Ministry of Education KSA and officially recognized center of learning by the College Board USA, assigning School specific Code to our institution that allows us to register students for SAT assessments and AP; which will also be supplemented by the local certificate to be used for final assessment. We look forward to the interested students joining our reputed institution for a prosperous future and bright career.

I still find my thirst to be quenched by accomplishing many tasks not available in this part of the world, especially when I meet with educationists from advance countries and compare the vivid differences. I have been meeting with local educationists during different seminars and workshops organized by local educational authorities, British Council and Cognia and find myself almost compelled to be benefitted with the hope to instill in me the leadership traits required for policy making.

Liaqat Ali
Education Affairs Manager
College Board SAT/AP Coordinator
Primary contact AER Cognia