Mission, Goal and Objectives, Vision and Core Values

Vision: Affordable cost yet quality schooling matching international standards of education.

Goal and Objectives

The prime function of the school to provide a creative, innovative, conducive and friendly platform for children' education in order to prepare them for their effective role in today's highly competitive world. To achieve the goal, the management and the professionals are sharing their responsibilities, honestly, and playing their role in a very scrupulous manner. They empower, support and encourage the students via student-centered learning program (SCLP). SCLP ignites students enthusiasm for learning and at the same time allows teachers substantial breathing time to motivate students to actively participate with other fellows. The schools are equipped with advanced technology and have all the tools for the teachers to support individual learning program that they may otherwise have found difficult to address.


Jawahir Al-Riyadh International School (JARIS) provides to all the expatriate communities a creative, innovative, conducive and friendly platform for their children to learn through a real, precise and sensible program developed by the professionals at Jawahir Al-Riyadh International School (JARIS). This program addresses the essential elements of knowledge related to skills of literacy and numeracy; personal strengths and character building, social behavior and creative thinking. The student-centered learning program (SCLP) being improvised, manipulated and used starting this year, we believe, will bring a dynamic difference in our pursuit for a shift to a smart system of learning. The faculty members are very much enthusiastic and expect marvelous achievement once the program is in full swing. At the present time, they are busy in giving final touches of development and training to all the stakeholders. Our long association with all the stakeholders (teachers, students and parents) inspired our vision towards learning differently. This approach is designed to eliminate passive thinking nurture students' initiative, confidence, originality, and independence by making students inquisitive, competent and well prepared to met the challenges of the modern world.

The school always lays emphasis to its daily lesson plan involving students in class work and home work tasks. Since last year, it has introduced a new scheme of methodology i.e. assigning the students different relevant assignments that gives vent to learn more, better and enhance their expressions. After assessing the students, the school points out the weak students and traces out the domain where the students lack. Moreover by involving the parents it issues the feedback letters along with their percentage on every subject and motivates them to perform better. Our school arranges parents – teacher meeting after every exam in order to support the students to learn better. It welcomes the parents to visit and meet the particular teacher and discuss all the concerned issues which, we hope, may bring good change in the students. The school is well equipped with all the paraphernalia both in Science and Computer labs. It is utilizing the skills of the teachers through multimedia, intelligence board and all audio – video aids to deliver best to the students. Library is another archive to help the students. The school has a clear cut policy for discipline. It motivates the students to follow the principles and to become role model for others to follow. This brings confidence in students and respect vice – versa. The hierarchy in the school gives opportunity to the head and the heads of different departments to play their vital role for the optimum congenial learning environment for the students and ideal teaching environment for the teachers.

The professionals at Jawahir believe that children have an instinctive tendency to develop skills through spontaneous learning from the inducive environment. This tendency grouped with learning environment attached to hands on knowledge helps the child to learn quickly without stress. The classrooms at Jawahir Al-Riyadh International School have been equipped with materials complementary to the age groups which stimulates the child’s interest through self directed activity. These materials are generally categorized into five basic groups: senatorial, mathematics, science, and cultural development. The selection of material by JARIS professionals and selected programs respond effectively to the child’s natural interests to develop physical coordination, self care & safe use of environment. Other practical daily life activities include practicing Islamic values, learning the Holy Quranic verses suitable & easy for these age groups. The lessons are precisely planned which direct the children with a high potential of learning aimed to complete success at this age. At primary level, the selected curriculum helps the child’s own talent of course with qualified teacher’s guidance in a very spontaneous manner that supports their independent self directed learning. There is special emphasis towards learning of English language and recognition of parts of speech. The subject materials evolve further complexity in the later programs of study development and at this stage if fosters self confidence and improves the ability to learn.


We believe in consistent identification, learning, and implementation of best polices, practices, procedures keeping in view contemporary orientations.

  • We recognize, respect, and valued diversity as positive learning influence in developing active thinkers 7 active learners.
  • We create an environment in which continuous improvement is embedded in our culture 7 teaching for life & not for exams.
  • We believe in an environment where all stake- holders are given opportunity for on-going, open, two way (listening/talking) communications.
  • We believe that each employee and parent understands their roles to actively support student learning and eliminate passive thinking from teachers, parents & students.
  • We believe that decisions based on facts, data, and parent/teacher inputs are in the best interest of the students.
  • We believe that a safe, clean and healthy environment is necessary learning.



Welcomes students for the new academic year 2022-2023

As the JARIS Management, it is our pleasure to welcome everyone back for another great year in JARIS. We are all excited to have students back to the classroom and hallways filling them with energy and enthusiasm for learning. It is our mission to help every child feel welcomed, connected and a part of the JARIS family. Additionally, we strive to lend an opportunity to each student to grow in his or her academic abilities. Our great teachers utilize research-based practices and analyze academic data to determine current skill levels and to set goals for growth and improvement. Education is a partnership between the school, students and parents/ guardians. Students are more successful when we work as a team to achieve educational goals.
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