Governors Message

After 25 years of delivering trusted education, Shifting Students from “what has to be done” to how learning takes shape. We look forward to the interested students joining our reputed institution for prosperous future and bright career. We are a diverse, innovative ,legitimate and credible organization from the Ministry of Education and officially recognized center of learning by College Board, assigning school specific Code to our institution that allows us to register students for SAT assessments, ACT and AP, giving students the chance to put real world skills to the test. Our strategic affiliation with College Board and Cognia provides powerful insight into what students need at university across the globe and prepare for success in higher education .Our labs and digital facilities have been designed to provide students with first pre university experience, rather than their last two years of school. Our SAT ,ACT and AP program starts at Grade 9 and ends at Grade 12 respectively; which will also be supplemented by the local certificate to be used for final assessment.

JARIS offers its Grade 9,10,11 and 12 students with SAT, ACT and AP program and prepare them for Scholastic Assessment Test takes place seven times a year (October, November, December, January, March, May and June), by following Common Core State Standard (CCSS) that award students with high school diploma.The school arranges PSAT at the end of Grade 8 or at the beginning Grade 10 in the following subjects.

  • Mathematics
  • English/Critical Reading and Writing Skills.

JARIS gets students registered for SAT I by the end of Grade 10 or at the beginning of Grade 11 in the following subjects.

  • Mathematics
  • English/Critical Reading and Writing Skills.

By the end of Grade 11 or at the beginning of Final Term of Grade 12, students take the AP in the combination of the following subjects.

  • AP English Writing/Language and composition
  • AP Mathematics
  • AP Physics
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Biology
  • AP Statistics
  • AP Computer Science/Principles
  • AP Economics (Macro and Micro)
  • AP Precalculus

Eligibility: The College Board does not specify any particular SAT eligibility for taking the entrance examination. Typically, the candidate opts for the exam in their junior or senior years of high school to be precise, aspirants or roughly between 17 or 18 years of age.

We offer American curriculum and career guidance for students of age 3 to 16 .We are open outside class hours including weekend/Saturday to provide students with comprehensive support to help them successfully complete their schooling.

JARIS prefers to register interested candidates online via www.jawahirschool.com by clicking registration admission icon and providing information by the parents. The admin office follows up the process quoting the ID number already allotted to the candidate through SMS. Admissions are offered to all on a first come-first serve basis irrespective of the nationality, color, caste, creed, race, origin and social status.

Admissions in higher Grades are subject to the availability of seats in the respective classes.