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The founders of Jawahir Al-Riyadh International School (JARIS) have past history of 30 years of schooling, whereas officially JARIS was established in the year 1998.
From the day of inception it marked emerging new dimensions in the field of education. The pragmatic breakthrough was revolutionary based on the clear philosophy of providing best education with an affordable cost to all in general and expatriate community in particular. The school has been striving to satisfy the needs of the expatriate community whose families emigrate to the kingdom for temporary residence.
These families always look for an institution which can accommodate their children educationally only but also maintain the level of education compatible with the standards back home so that they are adjusted easily in the school in home country whenever they decide to go final exit. Jawahir Al-Riyadh International School has met this challenge and can proudly claim that there was never a complaint from any institution whether inside the Kingdom or outside the country about the students’ level. Above all, achieving and maintaining internationally bench marked quality standards is always a key priority for JARIS.

JARIS is the role model for its unique examination policy which has been very well planned and manipulated to suit the students learning. This involves continuous review of teaching, upgrading capabilities, and assessment activities so as to ensure compatibility to students’ learning as well as academic standards. This policy asserts the fitness of students at any time of the year to get admission in any school in the same grade without any difficulty. The students as well as the standards maintained by JARIS always received commendation. The students were gladly accepted by all the educational institutions worldwide. Most of the students were given admission in very renowned international universities. Our Kindergarten section fully equipped with the most modern and advanced technology suiting to early age learning. The researchers conclude that child’s brain is primed for acquiring knowledge which may help later ability to implement early age learning. This ability starts with the birth as the families act, talk and read to them. Infants listen to familiar voices and then they learn to babble and speak the language at appropriate time.

Maintaining and fostering highest moral and practiced values while teaching students to seek knowledge logically, be imaginative, and converse effectively to meet the promising needs of the society​

 JARIS starts Islamic education program at this early age and the children of all ages in order for them to organize their thoughts and ideas with good understanding of the rules and structures of human life.


The following scientific laboratories fully equipped with scientific apparatus needed to conduct practicals, whether it is FBISE syllabus, IGCSE Board, or SAT. Read More


The following five campuses of the school were brought under the umbrella of JAWAHIR AL-Riyadh Educational Company recently. Read More


The campuses house nearly 4000 students. Kindergarten section is itself full-fledged school with a strength of 500 to 600 students. Read More

Years of experience

During these years, the school expanded tremendously. It started with one building with co-education until a decree was passed to disintegrate Read More

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