mr. Tilla Muhammad
B. Sc (maths, Physics)/B. Ed

Jawahir Al Riyadh has been a great place to learn. I'm proud to be part of a team that really cares about making an impact, and supporting. Read more

mr. Abdul Samad
b. Sc computer Science

I am very glad to be part of Jawahir Al Riyadh school as computer science teacher. With many years experience I continue to instill love of computer science in my students. Read more

Mr. Sultani Rome
m. a English, pGD in TEFEL

Proud to be part of Jawahir International: where I am pushed and challenged and my experience is put to good use. Read more

Mr. Latif Ur Rehman
b.s sociology

I feel supported and challenged by leadership and Colleagues every day. I know that my work is contributing to the wider mission and vision of the school.. Read more

Mr. Qaiser Rasool
M. Sc Zoology

I am biology teacher and feel excellent to work in Jawahir Al Riyadh international school. Read more

Mr. kamran Ahmed Mushtaq
B. sc Mathematics/ m.a english

I feel much honored to be working with such a prestigious institution. Being a part of this institution has taught me teamwork and passions towards this profession. Currently I'm fulfilling my duties as a math teacher. Read more